EV Charging @ Home

Home EV charging is the most economical and dependable option for EV drivers. Drivers are encouraged to talk to their electricity providers to discuss the best charging plan that suits their needs.

Most British homes have single phase power supply that gives 7.4Kw per hour as maximum output from your smart home charger. If you have 3 phase electricity supply, then click here for options.

All smart home chargers we offer are OZEV approved and have the following as standard:

  1. 3-year Manufacture warranty
  2. Mobile app for access control and scheduled charging
  3. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  4. Compliant with EV charging regulations 2022
  5. 3-year Installation warranty from us
Why not try our calculator to get an idea how long it will take to charge your car at home in different scenarios!
Your electric vehicle's usable battery size
Your home charging speed
Your starting Battery %
Your target Battery %

We encourage customers to do their independent research to select a home Chargepoint that meets their unique requirements. In addition to the manufacture’s website there are many independent sources that provide necessary information.

Still unsure?

Book a no obligation free appointment by clicking here to discuss your circumstances.

  1. If you want a home Chargepoint supplied only then you can place an order with confidence. All orders are delivered within 5 working days from the date of order.
  2. If you want us to supply and install the product for you then please complete a simple pre-installation survey here. We will get back to you within 2 working days with a quote.
  3. If you have already purchased a Chargepoint and want install only, please complete this pre-installation survey. We will get back to you within 2 working days with a quote.