Commercial EV Charging

The future is sustainable and smart

With sustainability a bigger priority than ever, the shift towards Electric Vehicles (EVs) is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. In Dec 2022, 34% of all new cars sold were full EVs and including Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs), it was 57% of all new vehicles sold!

EVs require a change in our behaviour in how we refuel our vehicles. Unlike Petrol or Diesel vehicles, EVs must be plugged in and charged frequently for range-anxiety-free driving. Whether EV drivers travel to work, shop, enjoy a hotel break, attend a business meeting, or simply live their lives, they need a convenient, reliable charging solution.

Pretium EV Charging can help you. We understand the impact of EV Charging on your business and can offer you a one-stop solution for Designing, Building and Operating the EV Charging Infrastructure for your business so that you can:

Attract more customers

By offering EV charging points, you’ll provide a simple and convenient place to stop and recharge. This makes attending a meeting, visiting a site, staying overnight, or browsing your store a more attractive option than your competitors. Your clients, guests or customers will stay for longer, you’ll boost your brand reputation, and you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Boost your revenue

With our back-office solution, we offer you the opportunity to facilitate the price usage of your chargepoint and create a new revenue stream. EV charging points can help you achieve an attractive return on your investment and offer optional advertising opportunities.

Move towards a more sustainable future

When you install commercial EV charging points for your business, you’ll highlight your commitment to sustainability clearly and visibly. At the same time, you can reduce your business’s impact on the planet and move closer to the UK government’s 2050 net zero carbon emissions goal.

Keep your staff and visitors happy

Commercial EV charging points are useful and convenient, allowing staff and visitors to charge their electric vehicles wherever they are. This shows you’re a committed employer, a future-focused business and care about the future of our planet.

Charge your fleet

Transitioning your business vehicles to electric without disrupting operations is challenging. We offer consultative EV ChargePoint Infrastructure Planning and implementation to support your transition plans. Our approach is designed to ensure that EV Charging should not be a constraint in your endeavour to transition to electric vehicles for your business.  

What Commercial EV charging solutions does Pretium offer?

Design: Whether it is a greenfield project or retrofit, we design a solution for you that is reliable, scalable, cost-effective to install and easy to use.

Finance: We offer flexible finance options for you to decide what is best for you:

  1. Own: The client pays for infrastructure using their funds.
  2. Lease: We work with leading leasing finance companies to offer you a cost-effective lease option that saves your capital and provides a tax-efficient way of paying back the lease rental.
  3. Host: We offer EV Chargepoint installed at our cost, provided operating profit pays back the initial investment over a specified period.

 Supply and Install: We offer a wide, yet selective range of products supplied and installed for our commercial customers. Our installation team is well-trained in these products and provides a no-nonsense installation service that complies with applicable regulations and OZEV standards.

OZEV Grant: To accelerate the pace of EV Charging Infrastructure development, the Government under OZEV (Office of Zero Emissions Vehicle) offers a range of grant schemes. As an OZEV-approved installer, we can assist you with your grant application and claim the grant on your behalf once the installation is complete.

Operate: Our Operate services include:

  • Set up your EV ChargePoint Site and business account on our Software Platform for monetisation and remote infrastructure management.
  • Implement your pricing and security policies.
  • Provide 24×7 first-level support to end users, followed by any technical support needed.
  • Payment processing and billing to end users.
  • Remote monitoring and management of EV Chargepoint


Becoming part of the electric vehicle charging revolution is as easy as A, B, C, D with Pretium.

A: Tell us about your business needs

Start by telling us about your business’s unique needs, including your size, EV charging needs and budget, so we can provide you with a solution suited to your requirements.

B: Get your proposal

We’ll advise on the size and scale of the required EV charging infrastructure, provide information on financing and potential ROI, and an indicative quote based on your precise needs. You can get in touch at any time to further discuss your options.

C: Install your commercial EV chargers

Once you’re 100% happy with our proposal, we complete your installation within four weeks. You can simply sit back and relax while our team of experts does the hard work for you.

D: Operationalise your EV Chargers

We set up your site and account on our back-office software, so you are always in control. We, on your behalf, ensure that EV ChargePoint users are happy with the service.

EV charging solutions for businesses

Show your customers you care about the future of the planet, generate more ROI, and offer a convenient, easy EV charging solution that makes sustainability a reality.