About Us

Pretium EV Charging Infra & Solutions limited is a customer focused and environmentally responsible company set up for the purpose of bringing evenness in the distribution of EV Charging infrastructure in the UK.

Pretium in Latin means 'value' and the name reflects our commitment to offer value to our customers, our partners, and every other stakeholder in our business.

We have started our mission in partnership with 'Wallbox' to sell, distribute and install their smart charging systems for UK households and Businesses.

We will only use our network of Trusted and Approved electrical contractors.

We take pride in our specialist knowledge and consultative approach to help our customers choose suitable Wallbox smart charging systems in complex multi-use scenarios.

Helping Britain Build EV Charging Infrastructure

"The Future is already here; it is just not evenly distributed" - William Gibson.

Our Core Values

  • Put Customer First
  • Act with Speed
  • Solve Problems
  • Build Relationships

Our Mission is to Help Britain Build EV Charging Infrastructure